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    Hi folks I have been a little concerned about Pat who has not been around the forum recently.
    Well I received an e-mail from her this morning as she is in my neck of the woods at the moment ( Ontario )

    Apparently her mother in law fell and broke her hip and is still in hospital.
    Pat does not have internet at her mum in laws so has to rely on the local doughnut shop to keep in touch via their wifi.
    So just thought I would update you all and will keep you posted if I receive further updates.
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    Thanks for letting us know Geoff, I have been worried about her too but thought it must have been her mother in law. If you hear from her again tell her we are thinking of her and looking forward to her return
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    Sorry to hear about Pat's MIL but happy to hear that Pat is ok.

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    Thanks Geoff, I will hang fire in sending the picture until she is home. I do have a bit of work to do to get the colors right, it is a bit dark on my main screen, the ipad the color seem to be out, they are to warm.
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