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Thread: Strange random marks

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    Exclamation Strange random marks

    The low memory problem (iPad 2) manifests itself by sudden random strokes, right across images. I save every few seconds, but this has ruined several artworks that I'd invested a lot of time in. if I catch it immediately, the last random stroke can be undone. Otherwise, I have to repair the damage. I think I understand closing parked apps. Sort of don't want to completely shut down mail and safari....must I? Thanks for any answers. incidentally, this happens even on single layer artworks, admittedly many accumulated marks.

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    Additional query on low memory

    ...Should I shut down wireless connection? Will that allow ArtRage to perform without the weird random marks?

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    Completely shutting down Mail and Safari doesn't cause any problems, Mail will continue to come in and you can open Safari again whenever you need to, the parked application is just a front end for the service that can take up memory. Once you have shut down parked apps you need to reboot otherwise any problems caused by having lots of apps open won't be resolved.

    When you say there are random strokes happening, are they happening while you paint or do they happen without you touching the screen? If they happen when you paint, could you let us know whether it's with a specific tool or whether it happens with any, and have you noticed any particular circumstances in which it happens?

    The wireless connection is most likely not causing it, I can't think of any reason why having an active network connection would cause this.
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