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Thread: ArtRageUS Magazine is Hosting all Script Files Now

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    Exclamation ArtRageUS Magazine is Hosting all Script Files Now

    ArtRageUS Magazine Website is now hosting all Script files* for you Ragers, no matter the size. A special page has been created to allow all Ragers to view all of the scripts submitted and download any that they choose to instantly.

    TO VIEW the SCRIPT files names and type, click on the Scripts link in the menu. Select what you want to download.

    In order to submit them _please use:_ _http://www.Dropbox.com_ (it is free) and it is easy to use. If you have not signed up yet for a Dropbox account please use: as your referrer when signing up.

    *How To submit your Script/s:*

    Once you have signed up for and installed Dropbox/ a directory will appear on your computer/ _Dropbox_.

    1. Make a directory _in that folder_ on your computer: ARyourscreenname

    2. Re-Title each script file/s name/s
    ie: add your screenname to your TITLE *Note: *Be sure to name each of your file/s as to their actions so anyone will know exactly what it is for just by seeing the filename.

    3. Add all script files in this directory that you wish to share..nothing else in the directory.

    4. Rt click on the folder or goto and share the folder /Share the folder with me at

    Your folder will then sync with my computer and I will add your file/s to the new Scripts Page.
    I will be updating the files on a regular basis so If you are seeking a new script, keep checking daily for new ones added.
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    Thanks, Bobbyray. This is wonderful service for our Artrage community. Thanks for your continued efforts to make it available to us. High-Fives.
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    This is an awesome resource. Thanks a lot for setting this up

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    Byron thank you and I hope the Ragers use it. So far we "0" Scripts submitted.
    It is ready to go.......and waiting.

    NRYLAN......thank you too.... I hope it become a great resource for the Ragers.

    So, All you script writers..........we are standing by for submissions.

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