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Thread: Art Rage Studio on an All-In-One Samsung PC - Poor Recognition with Touch Screen

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    Art Rage Studio on an All-In-One Samsung PC - Poor Recognition with Touch Screen


    I am wanting to use Art Rage Full and Art Rage Studio Pro (I have 2.6.0 and 3.5.5) with my new Samsung All-In-One TouchScreen display.

    However when I try it, no matter which brush/pen/etc... I use, the line comes out very thin and it just is not right at all.

    What is interesting is that I also have Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2 and I am able to draw with both my finger and a standard stylus that I have for my tablet. Sketchbook Pro works fine.

    I like Sketchbook Pro and it has its place, for sure...but for pure painting pleasure and fun, I absolutely love Art Rage Studio! That's the software I really want to be able to use with the All-in-One Touch Screen PC. (Windows 8 by the way).
    Does anyone know, perhaps anyone from the Art Rage developer community, if there is any setting anywhere that I can change that would allow me to utilize the touich-screen capability of my All-In-One PC like I can with the Autodesk SketchBook Pro software?

    Thank you!

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    It sounds like there's an erroneous pressure message coming in. We follow the Microsoft standard for touch input events but it could be that there is a driver interaction causing problems - We've seen a number of situations where drivers have caused issues when there's a bad interaction between the Wintab system (used for standard tablet input) and the Realtime Stylus system (Microsoft's internal standard for integrated touch devices), and Windows 8 drivers may require revisions. Apps that don't support both systems won't have problems with conflicts.

    In the meantime, here's what to do (3.5.5 - ArtRage 2 doesn't allow turning of Wintab off as it was written before this was an issue).

    1. Most touch screen devices will work best with Realtime Stylus. Go to the Preferences Panel and make sure Use Wintab is turned OFF, and Use Realtime Stylus is turned ON. Restart ArtRage.

    That tells the app to ignore any Wintab events that may be generated (if the device uses a Wacom digitiser this may be happening) and use only the Realtime Stylus input. If that doesn't work:

    2. Flip those settings, Wintab ON, RTS OFF. That's not likely to work, but it may, and if it does there's a problem with the drivers because integrated touch devices are meant to use RTS.

    If that doesn't work I'd suggest making sure all your drivers are up to date. Check that you're using drivers from Samsung rather than generic drivers from the digitiser vendor (if it's a Wacom digitiser some generic Wacom drivers may work, but they will generally not work completely, the PC vendor adjusts the drivers for their own system).

    If that doesn't work, drop an email to with the full model number of the device and we can look in to it.
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