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Thread: Artrage 3.5.5 installation error and cancelled

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    Exclamation Artrage 3.5.5 installation error and cancelled

    Hi everybody,

    I will first thanks Ambient Design for this wonderfull app.
    I'm a computer teacher and i use Artrage with students that have fear on traditional painting or drawing and that are stucked in front of a white paper... and i get fantastic results!

    Each year i reinstall all computers and software.

    I've just downloaded the 3.5.5 Studio Pro version.
    I'm trying to install it on the computer that will have the grafic tablet (not yet installed).

    I encounter an error during the install process that stop the install and cancel it.
    "Error al obtener la seguridad del archivo: \\SERVER\Users\myuser\Datos de programa\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\. GetLastError:50."

    Here is my config:
    - OS: Wondows 7 Pro SP1 - 64 bits - Spanish
    - Active Directory users in a Domain
    - Folders redirection (this is why you see the \\SERVER\Users path in the error)
    My user is Domain Admin and local admin of the computer.
    I ve tried to put the install package in compatinility mode WIN XP SP3 with Run As Administrator.

    I did not find any help in Google nor in the forum.

    Does anybody has encountered this error before? And solved it?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Marc Milian

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    Ambient Design
    We have recieved your support email and will email you back shortly.
    Resident Bug-Hunter / Technical Support
    Ambient Design

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