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Thread: Bamboo Lag Help?

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    Exclamation Bamboo Lag Help?

    I have the Wacom Bamboo, Capture I believe. Whenever I go on ArtRage (demo if it makes a difference) the cursor won't respond to the tablet. The tablet works everywhere else until I get on this program (it happened with another program once) and then it lags, like it barely moves at all and I can't make any marks. The trackpad responds to me though, any suggestions?

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    Turns out that my old tablet (with difficulty) works, this is probably a tablet geared problem more than a Artrage one, I would still like your help though.

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    It sounds like there's a tablet mapping issue. Updating tablet drivers may help. When doing this, be sure to uninstall the old ones first (opting to remove any Profiles if prompted), reboot, then install the new ones. This should make sure that any app specific information has been cleared out.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, check the Input Device section of the Preferences Panel and see what settings are turned on. Without knowing your OS it's hard to say exactly what should be set but if you're using a Wacom tablet on Windows you should generally have Use Wintab turned on and Use Realtime Stylus turned off. Check to see if that's the case, because there might be something in the system causing Realtime Stylus data to be generated from the Wacom tablet and that could cause a problem that won't be seen in apps that don't support the current Realtime Stylus standard.
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