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Thread: Preferences: cm or inches

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    Preferences: cm or inches

    Hi, my first post on this forum and it is a suggestion! However I am very happy with ArtRage so far and think the interface is very original.
    Could it be possible in preferences to choose wether you want measurements in inches or cm? It seems that the default is inches at the moment and I can change this manually however I don't think I can choose cm as default.

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    Welcome to the forums! ArtRage defaults to the last measurement type used. So, if you create a new painting, then choose cm as the measurements, the next time you open ArtRage and create a new painting, cm should be displaying as the measurements in the print size tab. The 'printed size' reading at the bottom of the new painting dialog in Studio / Studio Pro always uses pixels per inch as it's the standard for printing / display.

    I could be misunderstanding though, do let me know if that doesn't help, or if you were referring to another area in the application.
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    OK, thanks, that was helpfull!

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