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Thread: psd export has colors a bit darker

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    psd export has colors a bit darker


    I am finding that the colors on my psd exports area little darker than they should be.. (not much but enough to be a problem) It is fine his PNG.

    any ideas?


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    Hi there,

    This will be due to Photoshop applying a colour profile to the document when it opens it. If you disable colour management for that document you should find that you get the same colours in Photoshop as those exported from ArtRage ( ArtRage doesn't do it's own colour management )

    The option you're looking for in Photoshop is 'Don't Color Manage this Document' - the location of this in the menus varies depending on the version of Photoshop I believe.
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    Hi Dave.

    I tried that, but it was already set to Don't Color Manage this Document

    not sure what else i can do.. but thanks anyway

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    Could it relate to 3D light rendering in ArtRage? Try turning it off on the Canvas Panel (look for the light bulb icon) and then exporting to PSD, and see if that changes anything.
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    If you're opening the file on a different computer, the difference could be due to a gamma difference between the two systems. Could you possibly send me a copy of the original ArtRage ( ptg ) file to if it's less than 10mb in size? If it's a larger file, please send me a cropped section of the file which exhibits the difference when you open it in Photoshop ( in order to get it under the 10mb email limit ). I can export it from ArtRage here and open it in Photoshop to take a look at that.
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    It is the same computer.

    Ive emailed you the file. The difference is fairly subtle, but enough to make it not look as i want.

    Thanks Dave

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    Sorry if I get in the conversation/problem.
    The problem is more complex!
    I am working with grey tones painted illustration. This prob I am telling here happenened since 3.x version on (never solved).
    I am not accusing wonderful Artrage program and the wonderful staff here. I only want to solve this problem too.

    Description of problem (it's not OT it's close or same to topic title, trust me):
    If I export a illustration/drawing (in grey tones you can easier see the difference) from Artrage to JPG, the output picture is "bright" (a little yellowish, even if I "shut down" paper/canvas to full blank white). That I do like.
    When I import in PS (cs5, cs6 doesn't matter) the pic gets truly darker (and I mean much darker).

    First I explored forum of PS and artrage, I worked with color management of my monitor, and alas I discover these things:
    1) My monitor is fully calibrated (samsung fully updated)
    2) prob is NOT ONLY with adobe cs5/6 but even with GIMP (opensource)!

    So problem is this:
    Artrage when "open/treat" a picture/illustration file... renders it "brighter" (somewhat yellowish)thing that I do like. Whenever I must open the pic (because of some effects... texts and other stuff) IN another program (file exported in JPG, PNG, PSD doesn't change anything) it turns/open DARKER (and if I save it, it stays AS dark as It opened it). I messed with ALL color management of monitor...even tried other monitor screen, profiles. Nothing change. I must admit I guess artrage "does" something to image. A JPG saved from Artrage is "brighter/better/yellowish" but if I open it in another graphics program it's definitely darker. I can obviously provide files to prove this "color difference problem".

    I do think it close related or same.
    Sorry it took so long, to verify first I had NO color management/PS/GIMP problem.. they all works but this problem is getting me "crazy", because sometimes I have to use other programs for my work/job.

    Hope we can fix/solve/clear out the problem asap.

    First of all...Artrage is best art program I've ever seen/used/bought! This doesn't change anything.
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    Just sent some notes on the first one via email. Regarding your query tigerbuffa - Could you send us a PTG file to try as an example? It's likely to be a gamma issue but I want to take a look directly.

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