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Thread: Blurred Frosting Glitch

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    Aug 2012

    Blurred Frosting Glitch

    When working with oil and using blurred frosting the effect seems to go out of control, randomly blurring and frosting at will. Anyone else having this issue? Also crashes the program on the Undo control when again using BF.

    Great app. Really like the BF effect too.

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    I suspect the blurred frosting issue is the same one we're looking at for the airbrush - If a stroke is incomplete and you start another stroke or tap the screen you may see additional lines being applied. That could create the kind of effect I think you're seeing. We can't reproduce any crashes relating to undo at the moment but we'll continue to experiment to see if we can find out what's going on.
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    Aug 2012
    Thank you Matt, I'll have to curb the enthusiasm a little on the blurred-frosting. It's a brilliant effect.

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