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Thread: Auto Paint feature?

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    Question Auto Paint feature?

    Hello. I'm a new user...I got the package with a purchase of a Bamboo Scratch pad. I'm trying to find an "auto paint" feature. Is that available with this product? Other paint programs will automatically "render" artwork from imported images...I was hoping ArtRage would do the same.

    Any advice, help, etc. would be greatly appreciate. TIA...


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    I'm not familiar with the term "auto paint", but it sounds as though it's similar to using a filter. If the version of the ArtRage you're using is Studio Pro, then you will have access to the filter system, but the programs doesn't include any filters by default (which means you'd need to hunt some down online, and then use them within ArtRage). I'm not sure how far filters have come, but they've never really seemed to do a great job of auto painting anything, without some coaxing for the user.

    You could always import an Image in as a Tracing, and then hit it with the Glitter Tool, or a Sticker Spray. But again... It'll be up to you to make it look halfway decent in the end. At the bottom of my post, I've attached an example of an apple "painted" with a sticker spray I made, by going over a tracing image with it. You can see other examples of this, in this thread.

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    Painter has an autopaint feature. It essentially "re-paints" an imported image for you in a number of various styles (Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, etc). It's like Artrage's Tracing feature, but if you could choose from various artist's styles to then have the program paint the image for you. Painter lets you pause it along the way, and then you can work it as you see fit.

    It's essentially some kind of filter on steroids, so to speak, but-- for the OP-- it's not something available in Artrage.
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    There is a standalone plugin called Deep Paint which is now freeware as the company that made it no longer supports it.

    You still have to paint manually, but it has a lot of options for different types of paint effects and is geared specifically to turning photo's into painting.

    Not exactly what you want but it might be worth a look. You can get the download here:-
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    Try paintshop pro or photoshop elements, being affordable and easy-to-use, both have many filters for making creative works.
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    PostWorkShop ( ) is the most versitle program of this sort, but it does require practice. It works very well with the output of 3D programs like DAZ Studio.

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