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Thread: Leroy Neiman - Bon Voyage

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    Leroy Neiman - Bon Voyage

    Leroy Neiman was still alive? Gosh. I hadn't heard his name in a long time and now it seems he has recently passed away.

    An iconic fellow in illustration. A real stand out identifiable style. His work was sort of like a trumpet fanfare. Not particularly listenable for long periods of time, but it had it's place in announcing something that seemed larger and more spectacular through that splashy, raw look.

    Not sure I liked his stuff. I was more fascinated with him being so big when I was a student. But he got financial success and that's nothing for an artist to turn their nose up at in and of itself. And in the world of commercial art, there's room for many styles, even unlikely ones if it has appeal in certain levels. Of the stuff I remember him doing, it was a little larger than life, something I think he adopted for a public image of himself as artist as well.

    One might be surprised that because someone does or doesn't suit one's taste (possibly because we hadn't thought of it), there could still be a good market for that look.

    Just in case anyone wants to know, I think one of the things he did right for what he wanted to do, he once said he made the choice of painting "winners". A word to pass along to those artists who look at Art as a business and put commercial success first. It's a very reasonable choice.

    I never owned one painting of his. But he colored certain segments of the world in my lifetime.

    Bon voyage, Mr. Neiman.
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