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Thread: Sticker Spray Opacity/Blend Mode?

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    Sticker Spray Opacity/Blend Mode?

    This is probably simple but I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to adjust the opacity and blend modes on the sticker spray? I love the art brushes in there but the only way I can seem to adjust the alpha is by opening up that giant panel every time. I'd leave it open, but it doesn't minimize with the tab key so I can't find a good working method for it. :/ Blend mode would be extra awesome on that but I didn't find that anywhere.

    Bonus Question: Is there a way to get ALL the little windows to minimize with the tab key? I love the feature, but the settings and layers and presets (etc) menus always stay open...

    I'm using AR 3.5.4 Pro.

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    Yes, the only way to adjust the opacity of a sticker brush is to use the variations panel and adjust the alpha setting. You might try choosing the random vertical column in spray variations and setting the alpha to 25% or so to get some variations in the opacity. And at 25% you should get mostly the more transparent marks.
    But there is no specific opacity control for sticker brushes other than alpha controls in the spray variation panel.

    As far as making the panels disappear try closing the panels and then using the right click on the canvas feature. It is called clear canvas mode. Panels that are not shut will not disappear however. Spray variation will stay open until you close it even in clear canvas mode. I think that may be what you are looking for.

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    That's kinda disappointing. :/

    Then I'd say, combining the ink pen with the sticker spray would make a really awesome tool, if the devs are looking at this thread. :3

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