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Thread: Script Recorder Differences: Potential Bug?

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    Script Recorder Differences: Potential Bug?

    Hello. I am wondering why the image looks so different on the desktop when I play back a script generated on the latest iPad version of ArtRage:

    Also, to note, the Layer Blend modes don't transfer over to the desktop. You have to manually go in and reset them to the correct mode. Let me know if you need the script or anything.


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    We'll get an update out to solve the blend mode problem, thanks for that. If you have the script and it's less than 10mb in size ( they compress well if you archive them in a zip file or similar ), could you email it to me at I can take a look here to work out what's causing the differences.

    If it's larger, please email me anyway and we can sort out a way to get the file. If possible, could you also send me a copy of the original painting file for comparison?
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    We've identified the problem with blend modes and fixed it in our build here. I expect to be uploading a new build for validation shortly. In the meantime, as validation can take a while, there is a way to solve the problem manually in the script itself if you have it:

    1. Open a copy of the script in a text editor.

    2. Locate Layer Blend Mode entries.

    Layer blend mode entries in the script look a but like this:

    EvType: Command CommandID: CID_SetSpecificLayerBlend ParamType: LayerTwoOp Value: { 0, 3000000161 }

    Just search for 'SetSpecificLayerBlend' and you'll find them.

    The culprit in the number at the end of the 'Value' item (3000000161, in this case). That value needs to be changed.

    3. Change the value by: Adding 24 to it.

    So our line becomes:

    EvType: Command CommandID: CID_SetSpecificLayerBlend ParamType: LayerTwoOp Value: { 0, 3000000185 }

    That should fix the blend modes in the script until the corrected version is validated and on the store. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!
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