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Thread: Voice control of ArtRage (on a Tablet PC!)

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    Voice control of ArtRage (on a Tablet PC!)


    I've been using ArtRage for a week and I love it, but I'm planning on upgrading my user experience...

    I have been using the paid version of ArtRage 2.2 on Windows XP with a little wacom 4x5 tablet. I've been looking into getting a tablet PC, so I can have better control by "drawing" directly on the screen.

    Question #1: Is anyone here using ArtRage on a Tablet PC? If so, is there a certain model you like?

    The only drawback I can see to the Tablet PC is the lack of a keyboard (in Tablet Mode) for using keyboard shortcuts. (I use them a lot.) So what about this...

    Question #2: Has anyone tried a program that uses your voice to control computer functions (like Dragon Naturally Speaking) with ArtRage?

    I downloaded a trial version of a cheaper (US$20) voice control program called VR Commander and my results have been mixed. It actually WORKS for some of the functions, but I am only using the cheap microphone that came with my computer. (The problem is probably with the cheap mike and/or cheap program.)

    If I were to go further with this idea, I'd try a wireless (bluetooth) mike communicating with a tablet PC. Just say "Pencil" and the pencil tool is chosen. Say "trace" and the open file dialog box pops up to pick a file. My first efforts are promising.

    Any thoughts?...



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    I am new to the Art Rage scene, but have been using an Acer Tablet PC (Travelmate C314xmi) for almost a year now. I was using a wacom graphire pad for the desktop but the tablet PC is hands down-the way to go!

    I also use a write shield screen protector with a matt finish so it really feels similar to writing (or sketching) on paper!

    I do have Dragon Nat. Spkg 9 loaded and use it for other programs - will have to investigate using it with Art Rage! But even without access to the physical keyboard-there is an on screen keyboard that is easily displayed/hidden as needed.

    Hope this helps!

    I am totally enthralled with my tablet PC! Can't believe I waited so long to get one!

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    to go off topic a bit here.. may I ask what screen protector you use and where you got it. I am looking and not finding any matte surface screen protectors.

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    i had the problem with no keyboard...
    but all i did was order a mini keyboard from and it was all i needed. it solved all the problems.

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