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Thread: set up 650c wide format printer

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    set up 650c wide format printer

    I first posted this in general chat about finding a hp wide format printer. it's either a hp 750c or 650c designjet for $50. It was only used for printing house plans. Where can I found information on how to set up it to print from AR?

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    When you go to File -> New Painting in ArtRage, in Studio or Studio Pro, you can set the print size by clicking on 'print size'. See the 'File Size and Printing' section of the manual accessible under Help -> ArtRage Help for some more in depth information.

    In ArtRage 2, you can also set the dimensions in the new file dialog ( DPI, physical dimensions ).

    If you're having any specific problems, please let us know what operating system and what version of ArtRage you're using as well as what you're trying to do in as much detail as possible and we'lkl be happy to do what we can to help.

    If you're looking for information on how to set the actual printer up ( installation, drivers, getting it printing ), unfortunately that's not something I'd be qualified to help with. I'd recommend searching the HP website if that's the case.
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