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Thread: Question regarding purchase of ArtRage Pro...

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    Question regarding purchase of ArtRage Pro...

    I purchased Art Rage Pro for my Macbook Pro and now I'd like to put it on my Asus Windows laptop....Must I purchase it all over again or can I download the windows version for my other laptop?

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    You should be able to download the windows version by logging into the members area, and clicking on the "My Products" link, and then clicking on the "Download" link. Once you've clicked on the Download Link, a window should open, giving you the option of installers, which should include one for a Windows OS. You will also find your personal Key for the program on that page.
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    going to give it a try and thanks!

    I'm going to give it a try...I am not sure how to do it, but will be back with questions if I can't get to the members site on my windows laptop....this stuff always confuses me!!! I hate to admit that, but the macbook pro is new...and the windows is on my other laptop and I was thinking it would be ideal to open up something on one computer and work on the other one...Like the tutorials or the art rage class at digital art ...I'm signed up for that...

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    Successful download

    Thank you very much for your help! It worked and now I have a successful download to my second laptop!

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    Smile helpful

    this was helpful to me as well. thank you.

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    If anyone has problems downloading ArtRage or using the Member Area, please feel free to contact us for support via 'send a support request' on this page: http://www/ We'll be happy to help.

    For anyone looking for information on downloading ArtRage again, you can find some useful information here on how to do it in our Frequently Asked Questions: 'How do I download ArtRage again?'

    Regarding the license, it's fine to install ArtRage on another computer for your own use, and it's also fine to install both the Windows and OS X versions, we understand that a number of people use both operating systems.
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