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Thread: Ipad 3 and real color blending

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    Ipad 3 and real color blending

    With the announcement of the ipad3 and it's new luscious screen and faster processor is there any possibility that real color blending might make it in a near future update?

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    We're going to have to get one here for testing before we can decide whether we can introduce other features, but if speed tests go well we would certainly consider adding things like real colour blending.
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    Thanks for the response, I will keep my fingers crossed....

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    iPad 3 and real colour blending

    Could someone tell me exactly what ‘real colour blending’ is, as opposed to the excellent colour blending which ArtRage is already capable of?

    Also, if there is any test I could run on my iPad 3 for you which would help you in your endeavours, please let me know; I'd be happy to help!

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