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    Unhappy Import Files

    I'm trying to import a file into my Art Rage document. I get an error message. I've tried .PSD, .TIF, .EPS, .AI, .PDF. Do any of these work? And is there a size limit on what Art Rage can import?

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    Smile Read the Artrage documentation

    The documentation that comes with Artrage describes what types of picture files that can be imported. So please read the documentation, that will answer your question.

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    What the...

    Thanks for being so incredibly helpful....not.

    I searched for a half hour looking for info regarding the file types, and limiting size....without success. That would be why I posted the question in the forum.

    Besides, pretty sure I've imported PSD's before and now since I updated the program, I get an error message that it doesn't recognize it as an image file. I do not, however, nor did I ever, know of a file-size limit.

    I like to believe the best about people. But, I can only figure you either don't know the answer yourself, or you're so callous as to tease a reply without providing a real answer. Surely not.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. ArtRage can import PSD ( 8 bit per channel, RGB ), PNG, TIF, JPG, GIF and BMP. Maximum size will vary based on available memory, but I'd normally expect to see a memory error message if the file is too large.

    If you're trying to import an image as a new document, the usual procedure would be to go to File -> Import Image, browse to your image, then click open. If you're trying to import it to an existing painting, the same applies except you'd go to File -> Import Image to layer.

    If this isn't working for you, so that I can help more accurately, could you let me know:

    - What version of ArtRage you're using and whether it's the demo or full version e.g. ArtRage Studio 3.5.4. If unsure, check Help -> About ArtRage for the version number
    - The operating system you're using
    - An example of a file format from the list above which you're trying to import e.g tif and the approximate dimensions of the file e.g. 1800 x 900 pixels
    - The steps you're using to import the file in as much detail as possible
    - The exact text of the error message.

    If the process above matches what you're using, I'd recommend doing a quick test with a random jpg image just to check whether it's a problem you're having with all files.

    Let me know when you can, if this doesn't help we can look at getting a copy of a sample image you can't import to take a look at here.
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    The most common reason I could think of, is that it's not an RGB document. AR won't import CMYK.
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