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Thread: Pressure sensitivity lost :(

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    Pressure sensitivity lost :(

    Hi there, I'm a very happy user of Artrage 2 Free. I find your software to be quite excellent. Tonight I downloaded the new free version and installed it over the old one. Unfortunately, I'm finding strange behavior. On the first run, the tools no longer responded to pressure, I have a Genius Mousepen and the pressure was working fine on the previous free version I had installed. The first thing I did upon loading the program was try out the felt pen because I had read that you had unlocked some settings on it.

    I was about to uninstall the software and reinstall the older version, but before that I decided to load it a second time. Now the pressure was back but I'm noticing that the tool options aren't all there, for example picking the oil brush, the options are "Reset Canvas Scale", "Reset Canvas position" (disabled), "Canvas settings.." "Glitter size" (disabled) autoflow=ON (this used to be called "autoclean") and "Glitter shape" (seems like the caption of this button should be "reset" because that's what it does, resets the settings to 50%) I can not find the "load" setting or the "pressure" setting (not that I used it anyway)

    Selecting the felt pen, the "art mode" disappeared, there's only "Reset Canvas Scale", "Pressure" (disabled) "Thinners" (disabled) and "Glitter Shape".

    The menu items for layer options are all active, except "clear layer" which is disabled. (but nothing happens when I click on them)

    Selecting "About Artrage 2" directed my browser to a web page instead of showing the dialog box with tycho munching on a corner. :)

    OK if I can be of help please let me know. For now I'm uninstalling and reinstalling the old version.

    Greetings from Argentina

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    :arrow: Update: Uninstalled the new version, and reinstalled the new version (not the old one). Result: Everything working perfectly, pressure sensitivity and tool options are OK.

    Greetings :!:

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    Oh cool. Thanks for letting us know you've resolved it.
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