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    Question I need help

    Hello im very new in this so i hope im posting this question in the right forum. For the people that have experiences. Do you ever print some of your art in canvas? If you do does it came out looking right? I want to print some of my art in canvas but im afraid that they are not going to look like they look in the program! Any experiences printing in canvas?Do i have to set the program different to get better resolution in the final print? please share with me your experiences! Thanks Susana..

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    I print to canvas all the time. well, I don't a service is done by the local print shop.
    I make the settings for the painting in the true size to be printed, and in 300 DPI, That is , if your computer can handle this.

    Some make calculations based on the needed printsize and DPI , but I don't bother about that. I am sure some helpful friends will post that formula here...
    Mine are always 45 or75 cm in height (portrait size).So I am sure my computer can handle this, I even have room left to up the printing size a bit.

    The printing quality is very good. The canvas is also attached to a frame, as if it were a painters canvas.They are always a success on an exposition.
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