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    Question changing colors

    Hi...who ever can help me. I cant find Answers to my question so i ask now.
    It happens allot to me that after my painting is done i am not happy with one color i used.
    Is there a simple way to replace a specified color?
    I am thinking more like you are able to do in the simple Paint program what is on every computer. I remember being able to fix stuff like that just by changing the eraser options. I changed the paper color into the color i want now and picked the color i wanned to replace that it would get erased. So i just had to erase without to worry about my painting getting messed up.
    ( sorry if if it sounds confusing i don't know how else to write it)

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    In Studio Pro you can use the Selection Tool in Magic Wand mode to select a specific colour to delete, but there is no automatic way to replace one colour with another.
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    oh thats sad, thank you for the answer.

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    If you are using Studio Pro, You can select the area you want to change color and then use the "Adjust Layer Colors" from the "Edit" Menu. Changing the Hue will change the color without disturbing any of the shading. I use this for making one item in one color and then making copies in a rainbow of colors.
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