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Thread: Canvas/Layer texture problems

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    Canvas/Layer texture problems

    Quick question guys, If I set the canvas texture in the canvas settings under the view menu, will this override any layer textures that are set through the 'Edit layer texture' option available with each layer? I've tried having say an essential canvas texture for the canvas base texture, and then using varied textures with each layer, but it seems to be the base essential canvas layer that's showing through.
    Also, related, if I have been using, say, a basic paper texture on the canvas, and on subsequent layers, and then go to the 'view' menu, 'canvas settings', and change the canvas texture to, say, the essential canvas, it will overlay this essential canvas texture to everything, is it possible to avoid this? Thanks alot!

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    Ok, I've discovered that it works with the crayon tool, in that you can see the chosen layer texture with this tool, but not with the oil brush, it just retains the canvas texture.

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    The crayon definitely shows the texture more clearly than the oil but the oil brush will also interact with the texture of the layer it's on.

    If you want to change the texture of a specific layer only (without changing the underlying canvas) select Edit Layer Texture from the layer menu on the layer you want to change and you can override the canvas texture for that layer specifically.

    The oil brush has its own internal bristle texturing that won't change, but it will react with the texture assigned to the specific layer you're painting on.

    If that doesn't help could you email a small painting with a sample of the problem to and we can check the textures that have been applied to each layer and see what the tools are doing.
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    It's ok Matt, I think I understand things now, thanks

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