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Thread: Merge modes on iPhone

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    Merge modes on iPhone

    I would suggest a few basic merge modes on the iPhone. Similar apps have it.
    Perhaps only the well-know and much loved ArtRage "Tint, Highlight, Shadow".

    With these tree merge modes it is incredibly easy to build/render form. A much missed feature.

    Similar apps have the feature, and it works great (but the apps doesn't have the well know good quality drawing tools from ArtRage).


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    I just figured out that merge modes actually works on iPhone/iPod touch. There are just no way to select it:

    1) Copy an Artrage for iPhone .ptg (with min 2 layers) via iTunes to my PC
    2) Open the .ptg in ArtRage Studio Pro.
    3) Select merge mode to your desire in the Layers palette (on the PC inside ArtRage Studio Pro).
    4) Save the .ptg from ArtRage Studio Pro.
    5) Copy it back to the iPod touch using iTunes.
    6) Now when I edit the image inside ArtRage for iPhone - the merge mode is active and working and I am able draw - just as i would inside Studio Pro...

    Great. Now all we need is the button to set merge mode inside ArtRage iphone.

    Matt/Andy: Any reason why it's not included in the initial release? Potentially unstable?

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    Blend modes are currently beyond the intended scope of the iPhone version of the app.
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