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Thread: Soldier in the Rain

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    Soldier in the Rain

    far from home in the dark thinking of loved ones far away..
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    Nice brooding vibe to this -- fits the title! Al

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    Wonderful textures and colours, really like how they fade into each other

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    Very impressive Gary. I love the mood of this one!
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    Intriguing texture on top of a rather fine composition. I like your colors, shapes and composition. The patina alludes to Pointillism, via a mechanical screen-like look. So it's not all the way pointillist in that you are not juxtaposing dots of paint one by one. And in some cases of Pointillism, they used to design the direction of the marks - a slow laborious process albeit groovy to look at. This doesn't feel slow like that. This feels faster and airier because you're working with larger elements, just with an applied patina. I doubt Pointillism is what you were after. But that's just what came to mind.

    As to the effect of this, it's like much of your other more open work. It has a dreamlike quality as if things are emerging from the darkness -- some subjective, some purely graphic elements. It's sort of if a toolmaker took parts from an inkblot and a kaleidoscope and fashioned a new spyglass and this is what the observer sees.

    Cool. I also like your other one of the luminous animals in profile. This seems like it's coming from a similar place, though different.
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    Very moving piece of artwork Gary.
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    Another wonderful colour and shape painting...
    Thank you I like your colors and paintings

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