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Thread: Have to enter Registration Key every time

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    Have to enter Registration Key every time

    Every time I initiate AR2.5.2 I have to enter my Registration Key. How do I get AR to remember my key? Thanks a bunch

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    Which operating system are you using? This sounds like either a permissions related problem which is preventing ArtRage from storing its key in the Windows registry, or another program is removing the registration key data after ArtRage adds it.

    If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7, check the first possibility by going to your start menu -> All programs -> ArtRage 2, right clicking on the ArtRage shortcut and choosing 'run as administrator'. Enter the key then click OK. Quit ArtRage and launch it again normally.

    This should not normally be required, but in the event of a problem with permissions, this should solve it for you. If this doesn't help, let me know either on the forums or via emailing me directly at
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