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    High Resolution

    Good Morning or perhaps Good Evening...

    I have a question about resolution 300dpi to be exact. When I try to convert an image to 300dpi, I get a lag in my system. Saving the file can take up to 3 minutes. What will help it work faster? It really seems like it just doesn't want to work in 300dpi and perhaps that isn't what it is made for? Other problems that seem to be affected by 300dpi is everything stalls as I try to move it around the page. One of my stencils for instance, if I have the image working as a 300dpi 12x12 it stalls and sometimes shuts down all together. Please help....!

    Also, my Artrage is full version updated to 3.5 on a Windows ran pc?

    If you need any other answers that will help you figure this out...I'm sure as experts of all Artrage you know but if you do need anything please just let me know and I will try to find the answer for you...Blessings!

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    Re Speed of saving

    How much random RAM memory can have an effect. I found using Manga Debute saving files of 600 to 1200 dpi severely slow. At the time had 1 gig on 32 bit OS

    Have 2.5 gig now and there is a major difference.

    64 bit operation systems are better and can address up 7 gig which is the way I am going.
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    Performance is slower, because you're working on a much larger image. Turning off canvas lighting effects (f5) can improve in-program performance, but the only thing that is going to increase save to disk performance is more powerful hardware (CPU). Working on large files also requires a reasonable amount of ram. Bloated modern OS really require 4gb minimum, to have enough left over to work on large files.

    Keep in mind, a lot of times the kind of work done in AR doesn't really require you to work that large. The detail of a typical AR oil paint style image is fairly coarse, and I find I can work at 200 dpi, or upsample it after the fact if I have a picky printer, and still get perfectly acceptable reproductions. Oil paintings generally aren't really fine detail intensive, or at least, they dont require perfectly crisp edges and color separation.
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