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Thread: a Jot stylus update and other stylus info

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    a Jot stylus update and other stylus info

    On another thread we were talking about the Jot stylus made by Adonit. Some people , including myself, have been have some trouble and there are various "fixes" out there. All of them seem to work for a time, and then go back to being unresponsive. The latest fix has worked perfectly for me however, and if it ever does need to be redone, its quick, easy and cheap.
    Fold a piece of 3 x 3 (inch) tinfoil 3 times. (gives you a smaller piece of 8 layers) Remove the disc from the ball, clean it on something, lay the tinfoil piece over the hollow in the disc and gently, and quite slowly, work the ball joint into the hollow. When you have quite and indentation, apply more pressure until the pen re attaches to the disc. The tinfoil will break off neatly and the pen works better than it did originally. It may seem like a lot of bother to try to get this pen working, but when it works properly , it is a dream!!
    also, can not wait for the Sensu brush from Kickstarter (should be shipping soon)
    and also, a new kick-starter project
    you still have time to get in on this latest one as a backer!

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    Margi, I have the jot stylus and I love it for fine detail, all my animal painting were done with the jot. I haven't had any skipping at all it's worked flawlessly, apart from a crack on the base which I cured for a short while until a replacement came. It did take a little bit of getting use to at first especially the tapping sound, now I don't think about it. At the moment I don't think there is anything out there that can compete it's a brilliant stylus. I still use my nomad brush for background and larger work where precision isn't needed but I still keep going back to the jot because it feels nice to hold.

    I will keep a note of your tip with the tinfoil if I do get skipping.
    Christine.(Paint what you see, not what you know to be there)

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