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    2 Questions!

    Hi all

    I will get to the point

    Q.1 In artrage 3.5 I use my wacom bamboo (MTE-450) with up to date drivers to draw fast circles. This results in the artrage displaying circles that are comprised of many straight edges . Is this the result of artrage or my tablet?

    Q.2 Art rage 3.5 is a 32bit program. Does this 32bit program use Random Access Memory exceeding 4 gig? another way of putting this is, if I bought 8 gig of RAM would artrage use it?

    kindest regards
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    Hi Ben!

    The answer to the first question would depend on the size and type of the tool ( some tools are more demanding than others, larger sized tools are more demanding than smaller sizes ), the size of the image ( larger images use more resources ) and the size and speed of the circles being drawn as well of the specifications of the computer. Make sure that with a Wacom tablet you have 'precise tablet mode' checked in Edit -> ArtRage Preferences ( restart Artrage after doing this ) as most Wacom configurations are compatible with this and this can make a noticeable difference. As an example, drawing circles with the pencil at 50% size here rapidly with that option enabled on an Intuos tablet with the latest drivers gives me smooth circles.

    32 bit applications can only address up to the 32 bit memory limit so it wouldn't be able to use RAM beyond that limit ( around 4 GB ). However, having more memory can be useful if you have multiple applications using that memory.

    I hope that's of some help!
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    Hope this helps.
    64 bit systems address a lot more:

    Version Limit on X86 Limit on X64
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Windows 7 Professional

    4 GB 192 GB

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    4 GB 16 GB

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    4 GB 8 GB
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    thanks dave rage and leechie.

    I enabled precise tablet and disabled wintab, that seems to do the trick nicely. Thankyou.

    thanks for helping me understand 32bit programs a bit more and the nature of each 64bit OS from windows that is very helpful for future upgrades.


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