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Thread: Stensils and png files

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    Stensils and png files

    Try as I might I can not figure out how to download the png files to my Macbook Pro and then use them.

    When I try right clicking with this Magic Mouse on ANY thing in a document or email that I want to download nothing happens...

    I just got this new computer and can't figure out how to select something and move it to my hard drive.

    I'd really appreciate some step by step instructions (very simple for this granny!) so I can use the stencils. The hair stencils were the particular ones I was trying to figure out how to download and use.

    Thanks so much to anyone willing to take time to help me!


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    So you're new to using computers, as well as ArtRage?

    To save a .png image (or any sort of image file) from the internet, you must right click on the image, and select the option to save it (I'm on a PC, so I don't know the exact phrase used for a Mac "Save As", but it should be pretty clear when you see it on the menu). If your mouse doesn't have the second "right" side mouse button, then hold down the "Ctrl" key, and then Click on the image, to bring up the menu, with the option to save the image to your system. You may also drag the image from your browser window, onto your desktop (just click, and then hold, the mouse button on the image, and drag it over).
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    More on png and using the stencils

    Thanks for your help I really am having a time with stencils! Do many use them? I ended up dragging them onto desktop. But can't figure out how to resize them when using in a painting or even how to position them on the canvas! Sorry to have to ask so many questions.

    I have been using computers forever but that's not saying a thing about the MacBook pro! This is entirely Greek to me. Usually on my old pc I could right click and a menu would pop up. Not this baby! It just sits and waits for me to do something else! I guess I'll learn eventually.

    Thanks again

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    I can't speak for everyone, but I'd have to say that they are used fairly often. I know I use them a lot, for things like masking, or textures. I even made a special one, of an arrow, for pointing to things in tutorial images. How they're used, is up to the imagination.

    If you've managed to get the images loaded into ArtRage as a stencil, you can manipulate them in a couple of ways (again, what I know is limited to the PC version, so certain shortcuts may not apply to a Mac).

    The easiest to understand method, is selecting the stencil with the Transformation tool, but there are also quick methods for doing everything with shortcut keys and the mouse. The following outline, explains what can be done, and how:
    For both ArtRage 2 and 3:
    - Note: All of the following will happen around the Pin placement of a stencil, which can be moved by holding down the left mouse button, over the pin, and dragging it.
    Moving Right click and drag the mouse while over a stencil, or hold down the Space Bar and left click and drag while over a stencil.

    Rotate Hold Ctrl, left click and drag the mouse while over a stencil.

    Rotate and lock to 15 increments Hold Ctrl and Shift, left click and drag the mouse while over a stencil.

    Scale Hold Alt and left click and drag the mouse left and right, while over a stencil.
    - Right clicking, (do not hold the button for this) a stencil brings up a number of other options for the stencils, such as the modes they may be used in, flipping, specific angle setting, etc...
    For ArtRage 3:
    Stretch Hold Ctrl and Shift, left click and drag the mouse left and right, while over a stencil.

    Transform Tool Allows for all of the above to be done by clicking on the stencil, and using the Transformation rig to make the changes.
    Using a corner knob will scale the stencil, keeping it's current aspect intact (no stretching).

    Using a side knob will stretch the stencil.

    ○ Hovering the cursor over one of the side bars of the rig will display a rotation arrow. When it appears, Left click and drag to rotate the stencil.

    And here is a screen shot showing the rig around the stencil, after having selected it with the Transformation tool. It points out the areas you'll need place your cursor, in order to change/move the stencil.

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