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Thread: Helping the beginner

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    Helping the beginner

    Hi there. I'm not really good at art. It takes a loooonngggg time for me to learn any artistic concept and it is definitely something not intuitive to me. But I like to see artworks and that has led me to try things out on my own.

    So here's a piece that I started using artrage and another program. I've difficulty seeing how to go with this and the grass and water especially give me difficulty. Not sure how to go about drawing them.

    Thanks for your suggestions or comments!
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    its a good start, what do you want to show? I would like to see some more of the sky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ENCHANTER View Post
    its a good start, what do you want to show? I would like to see some more of the sky.
    Hi I want to show a woman being carefree with a waterfall in the background. The composition feels flat to me though as there seems to be only a couple of layers and the rocks feel strange. Thanks for the feedbacks haha

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    I think you have a really nice start on this.
    As Enchanter said, I think more sky might give you more depth.
    Perhaps narrowing the falls a bit, and changing the rocks to where they are most prominent near the falls, and move back as the distance increases might give you less of the, as you described it, "flat" look. As it is, the woman, the falls, and the mountain rocks are all competing for prominence.
    Grass is difficult. Depends on how much time you are willing to invest. Using the pencil to create individual grass stems looks really well, but takes a lot of time and work.
    You could replace a lot of the grass with rocks/gravel/trees, minimizing the amount of grass work you have to do.
    I think what you have done with the water is pretty good to this point. Might try mixing in some darker pencil lines, and using the pallette knife (low settings) to work them in. You can get some good effects by playing around with that.
    If it were me, I'd paint a closeup of something like a tree or building on either side of the canvas, then put the girl down on the point by the water.
    That would give you greater depth perspective.
    Hope these suggestions help.
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    What can really help your paintings is looking at reference pictures to help you position things, get shading correct and help you scale objects. Look at images of a woman being carefree, look at water falls and grass.

    Putting textures into an image can liven things up a bit, I like to use the stencil tool in Artrage using my own photos

    I explain how I like to paint using artrage here

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