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Thread: Slow Brushes

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    Slow Brushes

    The new Artrage 3.5 upgrade has really improved performance but I've noticed that it still struggles with large image sprays.

    I've attached a Slow Brush package with some brushes that really lag at 200%.

    The questiosn are: Does anybody else finds them laggy? Am I expecting too much? Is there an optimal size for creating image spray brushes?

    Spec: Windows 7, i5 @ 2.27ghz

    Slow Brushes Package

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    The spray rate an head size appear to be what's causing the problem. The sticker image isn't huge but for a stamp type brush head it's pretty big and the number of times it is being sprayed at 100% spray rate is what's causing the lag. Most of the brush head stickers included with the app are 3 to 4 times smaller so they're doing less work. The spray variation is also allowing the brush head to get really big based on pressure, so that will be slowing it down as well.

    Tweaking the scale variant down and reducing brush head size would probably help.
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