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    5,803 the machine

    I read that phrase somewhere a long time ago and it's always appealed to me
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    Now I am awake Peter. One of those long nights, dogs barking-deer moving, hungry cats...
    Where have I heard this? I remember buying the Police album after graduation. Also the meaning from Descartes' mind body dualism?
    Another great artwork Peter!

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    really really nice. so many subtle shades, shapes... and I nice reference to Rene Descartes' mind-body dualism. the interplay of hard edge and soft colors and organic shapes... stunning.

  4. You should look into the Ghost in the Shell anime films and seires, fascinating ideas about technology and the idea of what could only be classed as a 'soul' present in AIs and digital net space. You might like it.

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    Much of that dualism was explored repeatedly by the author Phillip K. Dick and might best expressed by the question, "What is Human?" This spawned a host of science fiction movies like Blade Runner. In one such film, the most humane character was a self-aware computer chip.

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