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Thread: Please bring the dry brush back!

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    Please bring the dry brush back!

    Hello people!

    I'm writing this to chime in on a feature that was recently broken, as described in this thread. Yes, it's the drybrush blending.

    The oil blending was originally what sold me on Artrage, as Photoshop is horrible in this regard. I work exclusively with the pencil and the paintbrush, apart from color picking and the occasional roller for priming the canvas.

    My way of working hinges completely on the ability to drybrush, so please bring this feature back as soon as possible!

    Imagine my disappointment, having just acquired a shiny new Intuos tablet and upgrading Artrage, of not being able to use my favorite drawing application to its fullest! The tablet did come with Painter Essentials, which now supports artist oils. If only Painter weren't such a bloated, slow and expensive piece of software..

    Here are a couple of old examples of the sort of stuff I was doing:

    I've posted some suggestions over here.

    Oh, and I'm on OS X.4.8 PPC, Artrage 2.2.9 Full, Wacom Intuos 3.

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    Hi Sbn.
    The dry-brushing of the oils relied on a bug that was in the original oilpaints. I had to fix that bug to get the thinners working with the oils, and I haven't managed to quite replicate the behaviour of the dry-brush with the new oils.
    It's in the buglist, and will be resolved in a later release.
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