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Thread: Download for Final Version of Moving West

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    Download for Final Version of Moving West

    For those that enjoyed my novel, "Moving West", I have uploaded a final upgraded version.
    Made numerous corrections,upgraded some of the phrasing, and tightened up a few instances where I was guilty of "over-writing".
    Also, increased the font size to make it easier on the eyes, and narrowed the page, to make the navigation better.
    All lessons learned for my next book.

    pdf version:

    flash version:
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    This is great Mike. Thank you. I can't wait for the movie.
    Also I would like to thank you again for looking into the weird happenings with my internet issues, I've been so busy, and I don't take the time that I should to look into things, this was so generous and thoughtful-big hugs dear friend!

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