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Thread: another first for me

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    another first for me

    this is my first attempt to draw a face. Its my 4 year old grandaughter.
    I used pencil, airbrush and palette knife. I think i did pretty good, but somethings still missing...
    Advice is always appreciated
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    Moosie If that's your 1st attempt you should be very proud if you

    want see my 1st attempts go and look in the gallery I think I

    bunged in there they'll make you laugh OK


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    I think it's great, whether it was your first attempt, or your 50th.
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  4. Moosie, for a first attempt this is excellent work!

    I feel I may be being a little presumptuous with what follows (especially as I'm no expert myself), but you did say advice would be appreciated.

    As I say, for a first try this is really excellent, and you've avoided many of the mistakes in proportion that are often made when starting out in portraiture; placing the eyes higher than half way up the head, placing the eyes too close together and so forth. However, there is a trap - those proportional "rules" are intended for adults, while your daughter is of course a child. The rules are slightly different in this case. The eyes can be larger, and actually further down the face than in an adult (The cranium of a child is proportionally massive compared to that of an adult).

    Another minor problem with your portrait is that you've drawn her eyebrows - in the photograph her fringe/bangs come low enough that they are all but invisible.

    I think you've also done your linework a disservice by keeping it so light - her hair and eyes are quite dark, but her other features are so light it's hard to make them out. This is actually a good way to draw attention to her eyes, but you've over done it a little.

    Finally, and I think this may be what you're referring to when you say something is missing, your sketch lacks some of the dynamic lines that make the photograph pop so readily. In the photo there is something to the tilt of her head and the exuberance of her features (including the dynamic shape of her hair) that is giving her that magical radiant smile that only a child can have (I know, I've tried to capture my son's often enough, to no avail).

    With that in mind I did my own drawing based on the photograph, with a quick sketch over your own to demonstrate what I mean about the dynamic lines - the angles are a little more sharp (despite her curved face), the hair a little more flamboyant and gestural.

    I don't think my sketch is greatly better than yours (and it took a lot longer than you may think, the eraser was out in force), but I think you'll agree it has just a little more pop to it.

    I hope I've been of some help - and don't let my comments get you down, this is your first attempt, while it's more like my 500th, and I'm not that much better myself
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    Eighty you silly auld sod, your drawings are wonderful,

    Harlequin....Thank you..thats what i was looking for
    I swear this child is a changling, at her worst shes a she devil, at her best an angel, she mostly operates somewhere in the middle lol oooh and shes a night owl lol
    You need eyes and ears in the back of your head when shes around
    for instance..a two year old, a very large jar of vaseline, a microfibre suede sofa and a shitzu in full

    I'm off on vacation in a couple of hours..for 2 full weeks .to the casinos in nevada lol and points beyond where hopefully theres no snow

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    You was in the right track, dear Moosie. Go on and finish Your wonderful artpiece!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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