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Thread: Hide Tool to free up ram etc.

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    Hide Tool to free up ram etc.

    Hey guys, I love working at 300dpi and I love my artrage software. I do freelance illustration for a living and bounce between artrage, painter and photoshop and sometimes zbrush. Well this idea was brought to my attention via zbrush and here it is in a nut shell....

    Oh and.... I have no clue if this would speed up artrage...

    I think artrage should have a tool similar to a selection looking tool and what this will do is let you focus on just the area that you want to blend or paint on, any area that is not in the focus crop will hide temporarily until the focus is unselected. Zbrush uses this feature to save ram and system resources when your working on a really large poly sculpt. The machine only processes what is seen at the time in the selection. Well, I was wondering if maybe you guys could use something like this as well in your software. Blending and painting on larger commercial jobs seem to bog down Artrage and I was just wondering if something like this could help us pro's continue to do our thing with less lag.

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    OMGYes! Please!

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    It's definitely an interesting idea. We're working on some performance tweaks currently and we'll consider this one along with them. We definitely want to look at ways we can speed up performance and improve general interaction.
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    looks like a wonderful idea !!
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