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Thread: The big artists are finding ArtRage too !

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    The big artists are finding ArtRage too !

    Here's the blog of an artist I'm following...:

    If you scroll to 11 november you'll find a fantastic painting of his, done with a combination of Photoshop and ArtRage !

    What's so special about this guy?
    Besides his stunning paintings, he also designs backdrops for movies like Shreck, and how to train your dragon....

    So the big guys noticed this awesome software too !!

    Should you find another big one, please insert the link to his page below this post.I look forward to seeing more of this !
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    Great find Hanzz. It's inevitable that as word gets out about how great ArtRage is and folk actually try it for themselves, that folk who can draw and paint are going to be drawn to it (no pun intended).

    Well spotted, and thanks for pointing us at him.
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    Great find...

    Also The Moonshine book by Dreamworks artists looks like a good book to pickup....

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    Great Artist!! with some WOW artwork on his site
    I still have allot to learn

    thnx for sharing Hanzz

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