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Thread: A boxfull of suggestions :)

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    A boxfull of suggestions :)

    Hi Rage team,
    I'd been meaning to put all my suggestions in one big illustrated message since long but never got around to it. So am just going to go ahead and post 'em
    (Some of these may have already been mentioned on the forum in previous posts)

    1. Sticker Spray:

    • Smoothing. Like in the ink pen, it's be great to get those lazy curves going.
    • Inclusion of stroke speed as a parameter. This would be a real big help is brsh behaviour and how we apply the strokes.
    • Inclusion of a cycle parameter. i.e if assigned to the luminance parameter the stroke could be color to lighter color to color to darker color to color; if if assigned to alpha it'd go from opaque to transparent to opaque. At an assignable frequency of course
    • Assignable frequency and +ve -ve limits to random parameter. (similar to the previous point) basically to have some control over the 'randomness'.
    • The default for rotation is assigned to 'pen rotation' in image brush. Can something like stroke direction be made default. It is a bit of bother to change that every time one wants to clear the values to default. Of course I'm assuming that not too many people use the art pen with barrel rotation.
    • Randomize all values for stickers. Just for those happy accidents.
    • Could the hue parameter button be made to reflect the, well, hue, instead of numerical value? it could be based on the current color and as one drags the dial back and forth it'll change and show the color it'd become. It'd sure make it easy to make a visual judgment. This could also apply to the luminance, saturation and alpha.
    • Can a color palette be assigned to sticker? I mean the stickers would only paint with the current color set. We can pick let's say a pastel palette and each instance of the sticker spray would be only from that palette.
    • This one is a doozy, but I'll try to explain what I mean. Let's say a brushstroke made up of individual dots that expands as the stroke is laid down, but size the individual points remain constant only the spacing between expands and contracts. Sort of like the grappa brush but without the dynamic behaviour. Right now when we use the scale parameter entire instance of the sticker scales up including the color points. I tried to make a sticker with the points (expanding in increments of 10%, reaching 100% and then decreasing by 10% each) without too much success. It comes out a bit jaggedy and freaks out (only visually ) at direction change. I guess someday I'll try to make it with 1% increments and see if that works This 'expandability' coupled with offset, and stroke speed could be mind blowing!
    • Easier renaming process of presets? maybe double click?

    2. Wacon pen

    • When I use the eraser end the brush in the tools palette remains whatever I was using. That means that on-the-fly I can only change the size with the shift shortcut and not the wacom ring. Also all the other parameters are not avilable i.e softness & pressure. Can this be such that when the pen changes to eraser end the tool changes to eraser and back when the pen is re-oriented?
    • Can there be a pen sensitivity adjustment setting within artrage? I usually do it with the wacom dialogue but sometimes I feel that it's be just dandy to be able to quickly adjust sensitivity from within.
    • A question, does Artrage recognise 1024 or 2048 levels of pressure? I assume that it is 2048 but can't be too sure.

    3. Pencil.

    • It's be great to have the tilting of the pencil assigned to the tilt of the stylus so that same pencil can be used for both lines and shading, just like the real ones [ I hope that I'm not being a fool and the pencil is already tilt sensitive, but I've not been able to see it. ]
    • Can there be a keyboard shortcut that shunts between precise and not precise mode? Basically since only the precise mode covers the paper grain it's a bit of a pain to change between shading mode and line mode. It could even be pressure and tilt oriented.
    • Can there be an opacity parameter for the pencil so it can be used to 'build up' like the pen?

    4. Fill tool:

    • Can there be a 'close gaps' option to the fill tool? This would be very handy because there are usually some teeny weeny holes thro which the color 'escapes' and the entire canvas fills up.


    • Tilt. I know this has been mentioned before, but it'd be simply great to have the pen tilt recognized for the knife. Esp. the edge knife. Also it'd be marvelous to have the wet knife with directional spikes/spread (with tilt like the air brush)
    • Can the knife size be assignable to pen pressure?

    6. Oil brush.

    • I'd really like a brush with more visible strands at really thick paint. Basically paint 'thickness' that is more than thinners at 0%. Right now the loading also implies how long the paint lasts so if one wants to start with really thick voluminous paint and still have the streaks show thro it's not really possible.
    • Hue/luminance/saturation differentiation of individual strands? so there is visible depth/variation within each stroke? sort of like having a dirty brush with traces of other color peeping out.
    • Splatter brush. I know we have stickers, but paint splatter with volume would be brilliant.
    • Gravity. This could probably be applied to all the tools that use runny paint (water color etc) It'd be a dream come true to have thin runny paint run down the canvas.
    • A keyboard shortcut to clean the brush. It's a visual treat to clean the brush by clicking the glass but a kbd shortcut would be great. (hmm..maybe there is and I haven't found it yet?)

    7. Color picker.

    • Color averaging, maybe in 1X1, 2X2, 4X4, 8X8 etc pixel format? This would be great while sampling colors from low rez images.

    8. Tracing.

    • H & V flip of tracing & reference images?
    • Color averaging of tracing color again in pixel X pixel format.

    9. Paint volume visualizer.

    • Sometimes there is too much diversity in paint volume on the same canvas and the knife starts to freak out while blending. 'Freak out' as in different behaviour between two seemingly similar areas. Some visual aid (like a histogram, or a contour map, haha) might be great to find where there's too much paint volume or too less.

    10. Layers.

    • Can the blending options button be visible by default? and can the pop up dialogue be scrollable? It'd ease the process of seeing the effect of blend mode by using the kbd up & down arrow keys instead of having to click and reclick.

    Phew, I thinks that's all I got right now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more and add to this list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyashy View Post
    A keyboard shortcut to clean the brush. It's a visual treat to clean the brush by clicking the glass but a kbd shortcut would be great. (hmm..maybe there is and I haven't found it yet?)
    Hi Flyashy,

    You can set a shortcut for cleaning the brush (which works on any tool that allows itself to become dirty; Oil brush, watercolor, roller, etc) under the General Commands group on the shortcuts list (see attached image).

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    Hey thanks so much SOS,
    i knew it had to be in there somewhere..
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    iPad mini

    I can only use my fat finger with the mini iPad so is there any way to get the line thinner? I cannot plug in my bamboo with the iPad mini

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skitter bug View Post
    I can only use my fat finger with the mini iPad so is there any way to get the line thinner? I cannot plug in my bamboo with the iPad mini
    Hi Skitter,

    You can change the line thickness of tools by hitting the little cog button in the bottom left corner. This will pop up a menu with Size as an option.

    (Also, feel free to start new threads for questions. Bringing up old ones from 2010 is just confusing for everyone else).

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