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Thread: Get well soon Pai

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    Get well soon Pai

    I recently got this message back from Pai and thought to share it so we could wish her well. She also sent this same message to another person who asked her about her health.

    finally after so many months in and out in hospitals. (it could have found out earlier with more experienced specialists/doctors) i have osteophytes on my whole neck and the serious one already pinches the nerve roots causing pain and numbness on my left side as well as causing the left eye pain. i already start the physio treatment three times a week in September as well as taking some medication to stop the pain.

    the osteophytes won't get disappear but i can make strengthening the muscles as much as i can around my neck.

    so much about my updates about my health. as for learning the art side, i never want to give up, i like it so much. i still look at some paintings in the forum once in awhile and i am picking up the digital painting again. hopefully, i still know how to operate and paint something.

    Pai, I am sure this is a relief to many of us to hear that they have found the cause. Hurry back when you can. Get Well soon Pai. We will let you start all over from the beginning ha ha. you won't need to I'm sure. take care and God speed in your healing.

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    I'd like to express my concern on Pai's health. I sincerely hope all our sincere prayers would give her solace and expect her to be back as normal as she was before.
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    Dear Pai, My heart and prayers are with you too, we miss you-and look forward to your return.

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    Thank you for posting this gzairborne! Get well soon dear Pai!
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    Pai, I am sorry to hear of your problems, is it bone spurs that grow at the joints that you have, I hope they will be able to do something to relieve your pain soon. Wishing you the best of recovery and then continuing good health


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    Hey Pai, thinking of you, wishing you well
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    thank you so much to all of you for all the thoughfulness words and concerns. i am doing well. i missed you all and hello to all new members. hopefully i will post some paintings soon.

    @hi justjean, i am not sure if that is the term and it sounds like it.

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    Goodness, Pai. You really have been going through it, haven't you. Well here's hoping that the regime of treatment and exercises brings you back to a happy and pain free life. Just get well again.
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    Get well Pai!
    sorry to hear about the problems on the spine. when there is something wrong with my right arm and they have to cut it, I'ts pity and cruel but I still have my left and can learn to live with one arm
    but a spine, we only have one. when there is a problem with the spine we have to lay our problem in the hands of the specialists/doctors hoping that they can help us. and in alot of cases they do.
    for our part, we have to believe in the doctors but we must also believe in ourself and keeping the head up and still making the best of it
    when we do that, its strange, but it helps us for getting better
    or at least gives us the energy to continue and adapting the way we live

    believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Afther 18 years of topsport and a job of working with horses. In 2006 I got an operation on my spine. they removed a tumor of 8cm diameter and discovered on the X-rays that I had Scheuermann's syndrome in a serious degree
    I had no choice and was forced to give up my job and sport if I wanted to enjoy a bit of my spine, I made the choice and adapted my life so I could still enjoying life and do the things I loved but on an other maner
    the choice I daily have to make is, do I let hang the head or do I keep the head up and continue adapting my life to the possibilities that still are there

    thats why I always say to people, Keep Going! even if we have bad day

    I hope that my words gives you some energy and hope that you get well very soon!!

    Keep going
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    Pai, I hope you improve your health problem and that you feel good. This is my most sincere desire.


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