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Thread: A quick note about ZApplink & latest version of AR

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    A quick note about ZApplink & latest version of AR

    The latest version of AR (Studio Pro) and the latest version of ZApplink (version 4) for ZB seem to recognize one another, where previously they did not. When a model is dropped to the canvass in ZBrush, and you hit the ZApplink button, AR automatically opens and asks you whetehr you want to open the image (from ZB) as a new image or on a new layer. It is the first time that I saw this new option in AR. The only part you still have to do manually is to replace the temporary ZApplink image (in the ZApplink data folder) with the painted psd from AR (export as psd), before going back to ZB.

    I thought I'd post this for those who use ZB and may be interested. The previous versions of AR and the ZApplink plugin only opened a blank canvass in AR.

    I am definitely going to explore this further when I get the time.

    (ZApplink is a plugin that allows you to link ZB to your favourite 2D psd compatible image editor - AR - allowing you to paint textures on your 3d model).

    I would be interested to know if other Ragers have experimented with this.


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    Thanks for the tip. I use Zbrush -- so I'll try this out first opportunity.
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