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Thread: [ArtRage Studio Pro 3] extremely slow to change the order of layers

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    Exclamation [ArtRage Studio Pro 3] extremely slow to change the order of layers


    ArtRage Studio Pro 3 is extremely slow (30/40 seconds) to change the order of the layers with images that start at these resolutions :
    - width 2800
    - height 3900
    - pixel / inch 350

    I usually use about 5 layers

    Can you help me?

    Thank for all.

    My Pc:
    CPU AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core speed 3.0 GHz
    DDR2 800 Mhz - 4 GigaBytes - Dual Channels Mode Ganged
    Video Card ATI 5650 1 GigaBytes 1000 Mhz - GPU 775 Mhz
    Dual Monitor : first at 1680x1050 - second at 1280x1024
    System HDD 500 Giga S-ATA II
    Data HDD 500 Giga S-ATA II

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    When you move layers in the stack, ArtRage has to re-render the entire canvas because the texture of each layer interacts with the other layers above and below. Basically, paint on any given layer can interact with all the other layers in your painting so the move can take time with larger images.

    One way to speed the process up is to turn off the artificial lighting model (F5 by default). This removes the illusion of depth from the paint strokes and speeds up the process of rerendering. A quick test here on an image that size took the time required for moving layers in the stack to about 1/3 or less of the time it took with the lighting on.

    Turning off the lighting doesn't change the paint that is being applied, you still have texture in the painting, it just doesn't show on the screen until you turn the lights back on (F5 again).

    We are looking in to ways we can speed the process up in the future but that workaround should make it easier to work with as it stands.
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    Thanks for the help Matt

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