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Thread: A traditional Painting here?

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    A traditional Painting here?


    I would like to ask you something:

    Are we allowed to upload an art paint done on traditional canvas?
    I think It is a good idea because I am intending to paint the same image on ArtRage, but still I would like you to see it, for some comments of course, and for you to have a comparison with the new paint as well.

    Let me know if this is not possible.

    Thank you

    (WHAT A MARVELLOUS PROGRAM IS ARTRAGE!... I ALWAYS wanted to have the place, the room and the material to paint as much as I would like,.... and with AR ANYONE can do that.
    And there is no need to clean the pencils!)

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    kaiko, vários artistas estão aproveitando as capacidades do programa e fazendo uma especie de paralelo entre a pintura tradicional e a pintura digital. Sem duvida nenhuma, o programa é o melhor soft para o estudo das cores. Veja aqui. É possível realizar um profundo estudo das cores com este programa. Assim, voce pode realizar uma pintura digital e, então, tentar repeti-la tradicionalmente, e vice-versa, tentando aprimorar as cores, os valores, a composição, etc... No meu entendimento, este programa é uma verdadeira revoluçao no estudo das cores, além, é claro, de todas as outras possibilidades tecnicas que ele oferece.

    Kaiko, many artists are taking advantage of the capabilities of the program and making a kind of parallel between traditional painting and digital painting. Undoubtedly, the program is the best soft for the study of colors. See here. You can perform a thorough study of colors with this program. So you can make a digital painting and then try to repeat it traditionally and vice versa, trying to enhance the colors, values, composition, etc .... In my understanding, this program is a true revolution in the study of colors, besides, of course, all the other technical possibilities it offers.

    all the best
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    Obrigado pelas palavras Oriane! (calculei que falasse o Português).
    O programa será de uma grande ajuda, sinto isso

    Thank you for the words Oriane. (I thought you were Portuguese).
    The program will be of a great help, I can feel it !

    I think there is no problem if I will upload the picture that I was talking about.

    Até já (see you)
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