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Thread: Studio bogs down with increasing layers

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    Studio bogs down with increasing layers

    I am working on a small (12" x 11" @300dpi) and white, but with lots of layers...about 20..

    I noticed that various functions got slower and slower with every new layer, like save, of course, but also Transform Layer Contents seemed to take longer and longer to respond...

    anybody else? nature of the beast, or known issue?



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    Generally with graphics apps, the more layers you add, the more memory / resources are required. As we also need to take into account elements like paint thickness, wetness, lighting etc for each layer, we have a bit more to deal with.

    The file you're working with is pretty large ( 3600 x 3300 ) so I'd expect to see some slowdown as more layers are added.

    We're looking at making some changes in the future that may speed up the application in this kind of situation. In the meantime, turning lighting off ( F5 ) temporarily may speed up some processes such as painting for you.
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