I like to play visual anime novels sometimes (my favorite is Ever17: Escape from Eternity)
I wanted to create my own, but it requires to be a programmist, to code windows, sound capabilities, saving and many, many other
"Well", - I thought, - "Bad thing that there's no 'constructor' for such games..."

Lucky me, I got in touch with Russian visual novel 00 mem: Le Chat
I've read some files and found, that this was created using Ren'py - Visual Novels Engine
I came on site http://www.renpy.org/wiki/renpy/Home_Page and was really happy to know, that my thoughts were wrongful

Ren'Py allows you to create your own visual novels (not only anime, of course - any!) with ease, requiring just a little bit of programming
AND - the most important - this engine is completly free to use!
You simply download it, learn the tutorials and make your own novel (you can even make it commercial, with no fee to developer!)

The site has a good comminity already with greetful users, that will help you and appriciate your works

I thought it would be nice to share this with ArtRagers - some of us surely have something to tell by visual novels