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    Advice needed ... (sorta important) ...

    I've had ArtRage Studio 3 for months now, and I love it. Thing is, I'd like to learn how to make paintings that look different and more "authentic," like how forum members Skylar Brown or Khalid Ipta do. Both are very good at how they put together landscapes using the digital medium. I know they've posted pictures of their work in progress, but that only tells half the story. I'm interested in knowing what brushes they use, what their technique is, and so forth. It's a little frustrating being limited by my present knowledge of ArtRage, because I know I can do better than what I've done so far. What I'm looking to do is know how to do paintings that look like these, for example:


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    Hi omnimaxus, are these paintings your own work in real oils? They are fabulous paintings.

    I do agree with you that there are some great tutorials which really help to familiarise oneself with the program, but as a novice to digital painting I would really appreciate informatiom about resolution, brush sizes and the settings used to achieve the results.

    I am sure you will be answered by the generous and talented artists here on the forum and I will be avidly following this thread in anticipation.
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