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Thread: I'm a grand pappy!

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    Thumbs up I'm a grand pappy!

    I'm a new grand pappy. Never been one before (hoo o o ock. . . spitooi! ding!!!) Not this here lifetime anyways. . . Why I remember the time around 1137 or 1132 BC, I forget exactly, I was on my haunches outside a thatched hut wherein my grand baby was being brought into this earthly realm. . . but I digress. . .

    But nowadays. . .Phew!. . . What a time for communications. My son and his wife are on the opposite coast. . . and I saw my son and the mom in the recovery room of the hospital on Skype video phone. And my son took the bundled newborn off the mom, who was sitting up in bed more or less, from her lap and held up to the camera in their laptop.

    And oh yeah. . . he's CUTE!!!!!! Heck, reminded me mightily of my son at that age.

    My son told me that he had 'the moment' when his newborn son, still wet from the birthing (behind the ears no doubt), where my grandson was in the bassinet table where the baby gets placed, and my son held out his index finger, and his son grabbed it with his little hand. When he was describing it, I felt a little bolt of lightning go through me, remembering a very similar moment. And that touch was like turning on the light switch for the first time. Contact! The bond was physical now. Talk about primal.

    Anyway, I'm floating on electronic wings. . . .etc etc etc. . .
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    What a happy and joyeous news... grampa DAkey...from now on your life gets a different dimension... so much to live for... and congratulation from the bottom of my heart to you and your wife...and a friendly hug also is sent your way... and thanks for sharing.

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    Been there!(5 times now!) Isn't it GREAT?

    You betcha!

    Congratulations to you and your Family Man........may the little one enjoy a good life!

    Lotsa Love!
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    Best to you

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    A very big and heartfelt congratulations!!!

    When my son was born I asked my Mom what having a grandchild was like for her and she said "Having my own children reminded me of when I was a child, having a grandchild is reminding me of when I had you and your brothers."

    Best wishes to you and your newly extended family!!!

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    Hey, D Akey, some heartfelt congratulations !!!

    I am so happy reading your fantastic news.

    Best wishes from us grandpa, to you , your family and most of all to your newest member of the Akey clan. Great that you had a chance to see him already.

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    Akey big and heartfelt congratulations for you and all your family ... this is a magical moment.

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    Dear Mr Akey, what wonderful new and I bet you are walking on air. That is such a precious gift. Once again your words paint us all the scene of that wonderful moment for your son and a moment he will never forget. First touch oh how wonderful for him. Again Mr Akey (aka Grandpa )congratulations and heartfelt good wishes to you and your family.
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    Congratulations D Akey!!!!!!!! It's sort of a weird feeling isn't--but a grand one!
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    Wonderful news, happy that all are well .

    they are our thanks for putting up with our kids , spoil them rotten then send them home

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