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Thread: ArtRage Water Colour Online Course

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    ArtRage Water Colour Online Course

    Digital Art Academy is offering an ArtRage watercolour course:


    "I am pleased to announce the first ArtRage class at Digital Art Academy- ArtRage Watercolor Brushes

    This course begins on April 24th

    This course will demonstrate how to work with the Watercolor brush category in ArtRage Studio and Pro. You will enjoy several videos showing you how to create a very realistic watercolor painting in ArtRage. Students are free to use their own reference images or those supplied to for the class. The Watercolor tool lets you paint with a variety of watercolor strokes using a soft bristled brush on wet or dry paper. Because it is a wet medium the Watercolor tool is ideal for creating subtle, blended color washes and detail. The control you have over the amount of wetness of your brush and the Canvas beneath it lets you produce a wide variety of results.

    Watercolor is a complex medium and there are a large number of settings that can be used to control the results you see when you paint. ArtRage understands both the color of the pigment you are applying and how much water is on your brush, and simulates these two things as you work with the tool. A basic understanding of what is happening when you paint with this medium can help explain how its settings work. "


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    This looks great!

    This looks like it will be a great course!
    Good Luck!

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