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    Smile Key commands?

    Hiya. Just wondering if anyone has ever sat down and made a full(ish) set of AR3.06 keyboard shortcuts (pref for Mac)? If so, please could someone point me in its direction, cos I am finding it really hard making a comprehensive set without repetitions and conflicts. Cheers to all

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    There's no single list of modifier keys for operations yet (eg. Ctrl-Drag for straight line painting) and that's something we'll look in to for an update. There is, however, a text readable list of all of the assigned shortcuts available.

    While the shortcuts panel lists everything it doesn't allow printing. The shortcuts file saved to disk however is human readable and can be located in the ArtRage user data folder:

    Mac OSX: Macintosh HD / Users / <your user name> / Library / Application Support / ArtRage 3

    Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/<your user name>/Application Data/Ambient Design/ArtRage 3

    The file is called 'currentshortcuts.sck'. Just drag it in to Text Edit (or Notepad on Windows) and you'll get the full list of shortcuts that have been assigned to your version of ArtRage.

    Important: Don't edit this file directly, ArtRage reads it to set up shortcuts each time it runs. If you are going to edit it for printing make a copy first.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks Matt, I appreciate all you are doing and hope you make bucket loads of dosh

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    The March edition of the AR Magazine listed 104 of the keyboard shortcuts. I think that is all of them.

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