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Thread: Manga style drawing - Lesson 1 - stick figures into real person

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    Manga style drawing - Lesson 1 - stick figures into real person

    Thanks to my latest drawing I was asked to make that kind of tutorial. I hope that it will help, and that you will understand my poor English.
    I'll try to explain everything as simple as I can, but there are too many things to know, so don't be mad if I won't mention about something.

    First of all, if you wanna draw manga style drawing, or any other comic style drawing, you must to know basics of drawings. So basic steps of learning are almost the same like with drawing normal people.
    Basicaly, if you wanna draw full body, the best way is to draw stick body first.
    The first picture shows how it helps, so you can make all composition and so on.
    Now I'll show step by step how to draw it.
    So please check second drawing. I showed there how I draw head. I always start drawing from a head, because it's easier to think about composition this way (you can think where to put eyes etc.). So, when you drew oval for head, you can put three or four (how you like it) ovals for - number 2 - nose and the center of a face, number three - eyes, nose and mouth. I often draw only two circles here, without this on mouth, because I often change my mind where this mouth should be placed (it's not that simple with normal drawing, but in comic drawing smile can be closer to nose or chin, depend what mood you want to draw).
    Number 4 is for ears. Now, when you have head, you can think about pose.
    The tip - if you want drawing to look more "soft", make this figure overdo a little.
    Now is your turn to draw stick figure. Remember, draw lines everywhere where are bones of your figure, and draw circles where bones are connected to each other. As you can see on 3rd drawing, this figure looks like comic skeleton ^___^ When you'll practice a little, you won't need all those lines, and you will draw your stick figures just like I did on 1st drawing.
    Remember about proportions! Even if it's comic drawing, you shouldn't forget about it I almost always draw head bigger than normal, but it's your choice how you want to draw it In second post I will try to show how you add skin and face on this little figure.

    P.S. I'm not sure if I'll make it today... so stay tuned :P You won't know when I'll post something new here :P
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    Dear M&M's, Thank You! will keep watching!

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    sorry for not posting, but I wasn't at home for 2 weeks I'll add some new tips in near future

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    Thanks Emenemsbis!!! Can't wait to see more. Thanks again
    You can see more of my work at
    See you space cowboy..........

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    thanks stickman helped me yesterday, I hope you don't mind me calling you stickman but it was how I remembered your post thanks I try to stick to portraits normaly

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    This is really awesome. I just discovered this head from a book about 3 weeks ago ( I used to draw Burne Hogarths head all the time and because his structure is more complex it can screw with the rythmn of a piece).

    What I'm doing a is trying to find a balance between the two where I can capture a gesture easily but also then detail up the face so it doesnt look so cartoony.

    Here is a sample (unfinished) I did last week

    Uploaded with

    Thank You for posting your tute. It makes me feel like I'm on the right track.

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    Burne Hogarths? Hey...I think I recognize that name.... Was he one of the more popular Tarzan comic book artists in the 60's?

    Nice work Danny!!!

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