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Thread: Smooth Canvas Question

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    Dec 2009

    Smooth Canvas Question

    could you, please help me solve this problem:

    whenever i start to paint on canvas rough/weaver/ and continue painting... everything goes well... untill i finish for the day. Close the program promptly and when i get back to it the second day and want to continue on the picture, everything is fine, but the brushes paint as if i had the smooth support, the fiber of the course support as weaver or cement is completely gone . But i cannot continue painting on the smooth support when i started on rough support. What you think might go wrong?
    The same happens with adding or resizing the canvas size.

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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    I'm not quite sure I understand the problem but I'll see what I can work out:

    If you set the canvas of your painting to be rough ('Essential Canvas', for example) then paint, save your work, then reopen your work, your canvas should still be rough.

    If that is not happening, make sure you are Saving, and not 'Exporting' your painting. If you Export the painting as an image and Import it, you will lose all canvas information and paint volume. Always use Save to save your work, and Export to save a copy for when you need to use an application that does not understand the painting file.

    When you change your canvas size the canvas texture should not change, so I suspect I am misunderstanding the problem.

    Could you perhaps post an image showing the paint strokes before and after you have changed canvas size?
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    Dec 2009
    Hello Matt

    and you helped to solve my problem.
    I did make that mistake, that i exported my file and changed it to jpeg files and obviously, all the data of the picture got lost during this change.
    I have tried your suggestion and it works... so everything is fine.. i can use whatever support i choose without a worry of loosing it during savings.

    Matt, thank you so much for the fast help and wonderfull program as Art rage is... i am it's user from the day one...and still love it.

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